As I look from my window today, I still see Trump flags proudly fluttering in the breeze. Cars and trucks still pass by with their flags and banners proudly waving in the air. I’m taken back to where I was just over 4 years ago, when Trump got elected in 2016, and I begrudgingly wrote a congratulatory Facebook post. Obviously I hadn’t voted for him, but I tried to respect the will of my fellow Americans. I can distinctly remember thinking, “It’ll only be four years.”

Was I woefully optimistic? Absolutely. I’ll be the first to admit I had absolutely…

The Evolution of Jim Crow, 1828–1841

The term “Jim Crow” conjures up images of segregation and blatant racism during the 20th century, yet the term is deeply rooted in the 19th century. The more historically adept may associate the term with images of Thomas Dartmouth “Daddy” Rice performing under the guise of his 1830s minstrel show character, but the term was printed in newspapers as early as 1828. Strangely, the phenomenon of Jim Crow has been incompletely explored in parts — but not as the expansive whole it was. Jim Crow held a variety of meanings for antebellum Americans ranging from flip-flopping politicians to a stereotypical…

April VeVea

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